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UV, Come Rain or Shine

July 21, 2010

Ultra Violet is a major concern when it comes to your most costly investments; your home. We have people call us up to two years after we have given them a quote and the first thing they say is ” I don’t know why we have waited so long to get this done”. We tinted a house  in Lawrenceville yesterday where the quote was given over eight months ago. In a city like Atlanta, anyone can get busy or distracted, which ever word you choose, but the facts are the facts. When the sun comes up in the morning the UV is there weather the sun is out in full force or its one of those cloudy dark days. The green grass needs UV but your furniture, floors, antique rugs and precious family portraits can fade within six to eight months sometimes. It needs to be said with the best sense of urgency, fading from UV will happen quicker that you think. Time moves fast and you can forget about it even faster. You live in your home and you see the content every day so its easy to miss the change or dulling of the colors around you.Try to see it this way, the damage you can not see comes from invisible UV, Come Rain or Shine.


Is it safe to tint your home windows!

July 6, 2010

I can’t tell you how many times I have Not been asked this question in 33 years of installing solar tinting. This is the most important question the homeowner should ask. That  is why it has become a very important part of our sales presentation to bring this question to the forefront if the customer does not. Solar tinting does things that require  understanding  by the installation company as well as the customer. Always make sure that they show you a certified window spec sheet and has published absorbtion rates and what ever film is suggested that it has low  absorbtion rates based on the type of glass and construction of the window unit itself.